Menagerie Megaverse

Adam Amari's spacefaring, sword-fighting epic

  • Action: Kirby-esque science fantasy space adventures
  • Themes: Growing up, the complexity of rightness
  • Inspirations: Cosmic DC & Marvel books (e.g. Green Lantern, Galactus)
  • Roster: Concord, Armiger, Jaycee, La Cordera, Princess Peri, Space Bug
  • Forum:

To unravel the mysteries of the Concordance, Adam Amari and a few friends took off into space abord a ship called the Love Bug. Haunted by a shade of the enigmatic Somber, joined by the astral projection of his little sister, and teamed up with a wielder of Excalibur, Adam must demand answers of a universe that does not want to give them.