The Marvelous Menagerie

Harry Gale's superhero team

  • Action: The city’s defenders fight an array of supervillains and engage in trad comic shenanigans
  • Themes: The weight of legacy, the responsibilities of power
  • Inspirations: Mainstream DC & Marvel comics
  • Roster: Mercury, A10, Stingray, Ninjess, Mirage
  • Forum:

The Marvelous Menagerie was assembled when Ninjess approached Harry Gale for help. As an Atlantean, she was facing discrimination despite the fact she fought on the surface side during the Invisible Invasion. Could he help her regain some kind of positive reputation? Harry's partner A10 and Ninjess's partner Stingray both supported this plan, and so they turned to the nanotech clone of Alycia Chin, now called Mirage, to coordinate matters. And fortunately, the previous generation's most dangerous supervillain team has just reappeared...