As of Phase 3, the members of the Menagerie have separated into several independent teams.

The Marvelous Menagerie

The Marvelous Menagerie was assembled when Ninjess approached Harry Gale for help. As an Atlantean, she was facing discrimination despite the fact she fought on the surface side during the Invisible Invasion. Could he help her regain some kind of positive reputation? Harry's partner A10 and Ninjess's partner Stingray both supported this plan, and so they turned to the nanotech clone of Alycia Chin, now called Mirage, to coordinate matters. And fortunately, the previous generation's most dangerous supervillain team has just reappeared...

Menagerie In Action (MIA)

With the collapse of AEGIS due to Rex Tyran's machinations, Costigan and Parker set up shop as a private military-government thinktank. Alycia's anti-Pyrrus team was looking for work, so they now act as the field arm of this new organization.

Menagerie At Midnight

Charlotte Palmer opened a coffee shop, Half & Half, intended to serve the city's living and dead citizens alike. Together with a journalist, a supernaturally-themed superhero, a vampire, and a werewolf, she solves mysteries and investigates mystic challenges to the multiverse.


Aria Newman built an underwater city, Safe Harbor, and Leo Newman built a teleportation system for it. Now Otto, Mo, and Big Bill use it to save lives worldwide, getting to a disaster in seconds. They're joined by Summer Newman, who's willing to experiment with both her life and her technology.

Menagerie Megaverse

To unravel the mysteries of the Concordance, Adam Amari and a few friends took off into space abord a ship called the Love Bug. Haunted by a shade of the enigmatic Somber, joined by the astral projection of his little sister, and teamed up with a wielder of Excalibur, Adam must demand answers of a universe that does not want to give them.