The Menagerie

Heroes for a new millennium


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Chosen human hero of the benevolent interstellar Concordance, Concord is an avatar of virtue whose life is dedicated to protecting the helpless and championing the downtrodden. He is deeply connected to the planet.

Ghost Girl

A Civil War-era American girl, brought back to existence through eldritch energies. Ghost Girl uses her spectral powers as well as her charm and insight to protect Halcyon City's heritage.

Jason Quill

Jason's education is both thorough and practical. As both son and student of Dr. Byron Quill, Jason inherited the Quill Foundation in the doctor's absence. He uses his experience as a world-traveling adventurer, as well as a few special devices, to keep the world safe.


A mysterious robotics expert, not much is known about this young man except that he is passionate about Halcyon City. He works with a variety of transforming robot allies, and is able to combine with them when necessary.


Quickly becoming a house-hold name as much as his speedster parents, Streak and Tempest, Mercury is on the fast track to recognition as a Halcyon City hero for his selfless exploits against recognized supervillains.